Monday, October 01, 2007

Goodness have it really been so last post was dated 19th Aug! More than a month has come and go...

I been really busy and tired both physically and emotionally...
First all...spend a grand total of 5 weeks in SGH...learning from the veteran hospital staff on the way they counsel and managed patients. Makes lots of new friends over there which I grateful for cos they make the transition of moving to a new place less scary. And the staff over at SGH has been really helpful and kind...which left an impression on me.

But it has still been a steep learning curve for me which I realize after I returned to TTSH. Spend the whole week meeting my doctor, dicussing about work procedures and protecol. Setting up the physical system and running errands before I could offically start seeing patients.
I would never have been able to do this if I have not been learning in SGH! hee hee....
That what get me emotionally tired I guess...
Finally the administrative process almost done but I will be off to NUH for the next 2 weeks!
Gosh..another learning curve to conquere and new colleagues to know and new place to explore..
Will love the experience if it is not that far! argh...hee hee

On a happier note, me and Agnes were passing through a marc jacob promotion booth on Saturday when we were spotted by the emecc in the best friend forever campign..hee hee
Have to answer some question which i got it wrong..silly A should have write down the color she was wearing and not what I was wearing since logically I would guess her favourite color would be what she is wearing lor....
hee hee anyway we have fun and come away from that experience with a cool souvenir..a photo of us taken by their camerman and a sample of the latest marc jacob perfume, DAISY which smell awesome by the way :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Started work a week ago at my new workplace. So far so good..since it still the honeymoon period. Hee hee, everyone has been really friendly and nice which is not ununusal since we tend to be more well-behaved on the first meet up :) let see how it goes after a while but based on my feelings, I think it gonna be a great place to work in just like my previous workplace with great zany colleagues :)

The best thing about the new workplace is that I am almost automonous...doctors are really busy creatures and I propably been left along to handle my own stuffs. And since I the only one doing my job, hee hee..I have full control of my own work.

Just have a national day party with gym buddies...oh was criticized till very very badly. Hee hee...Cat says we gonna practice before we cook again! Well, ha ha a point that is well said and well taken in...we will strategize the next time round and if possible I should endeavor to make them get a really bad tummy ache so that they know when to zip their mouth SHUT! I think that works better than if I spend ages brushing up on my cooking skills... Ha ha
But it has been fun and it was really funny to see A got all heated up under the collar and ending the UNO game in a really spectular manner, I think I has not seen such tantrum being played out ever since I left primary school..hee hee
This just goes to show that all of us have an unsighly moment..counseller and teacher inclusive :)

Well of now it off to SGH for a 4 weeks attachment, think I going to learn loads but the scary part is to implement and carry out all the duties by myself back at TTSH once I back to my workplace. Let hopes everything goes well!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eh I know..supposed to have already blog the last post....
but just remember that I forget to post about Food for Thought...a diner that Agnes bought me too...

Our desert...yes..supposed to be main course first..but well I a dessert gal! hee hee... It devil cake if I not wrong..can't really taste it cos silly flu still bugging me....pardon the pun..hee hee but still could taste the chocolately of the cake...
Our main.. ...slow pulled roasted pork...I like the bread :)

Cream of mushroom..not very creamy which endures the soup to me :)

Our salad...which is very interesting...cos it a mix of chinese and western...almond slices..and chicken..but with soy sauce drizzle..hee an aquired taste..but it does really grow on me..
I like the concept of Food for Thought...part of the proceeds go to charity and it always nice to know that I am contributing while at the same time enjoying might sound shallow and superficial..but helping others does not alway have to result in scarifices or putting ourself through hardships. This is a nice way of helping others too :)
Ambience is unpretentious and laid back. A place unlike alot of other resturants or cafes in SG which make it worth a visit. I do find the staffs a bit undertrained though..they get a few orders wrong and forgets some too....but well..they all pretty young and this probably a part time job whereby they are still very new at :) I do like the friendless of them though :)
Might go back if I have the leisure but hard to once I start my new job..haha no more long long lunch break for me!

Okie okie...last post okie..haha
juz want to post a pic of my silly bro who just came back from camp..
goodness so skinny now...but at least I can see his 6 packs....getting way too skinny though..ask him to eat can he be skinnier than me lor..wa ha ha

Look skinny?? trust me real life he IS!!

Trying to fake the 6 pecs out..haha..did he succeed???

I promise I going to stop the posts soon... ....
hee hee...
Wanted to talk about the love of my life...I love many my family, my friends, my new job, my gym, my baking and all the other aspects of my life..basically I am very much contented excepts for a few glitches here and there..hee hee but well that another story...
But there are two things or rather two little creatures that take centre stage in my life beside all the other loves...hee hee ...and that my little pets..since they are such integral part of my can I not blog about them now and then :)

So here the pics :)

Hey looking at me??? come Closer leh...

See how handsome I am.. ...
Is this CLOSE enough.. ..hee hee
Hey why are you looking at me...think you know where I am going...

To the pooh and using it as my PILLOW!! hee hee...
Hee hee so this post is dedicated to my favourite babies in my little ones..the joy in my life....and of course my favourite irritants...ha ha

Okie here another post..haha I promise its ending soon....
Went Ikea recently to purchase a new drawer for my baking utensils..cos it getting way too many stuffs!!! Ha ha Mum complaining that my stuffs are overloading the kitchen and I should moved out to get my own kitchen..
So off we went to Ikea ... and I got a new drawer..
After My purchase of drawer and organizing of my put me into a mood for this is my first bake of the week or rather of the month :)

Many many cupcakes...I halved the recipe and still ended up with about 3 dozens of mini cupcakes...that cos recipe calls for a 6cm diameter cupcakes and I decide to go for miniatures which is about 2.5 cm only. Cupcakes supposed to be oozing with chocolate sauce in the middle ala mud cake..but haha turns out to be like brownies..taste wise..i would not say its bad but neither it is fantastic....
unrelated to baking..but hey..that my meiji collagen that keeps my skin supple......hee hee stock up many months of supplies cos it so much cheaper in Japan than in SG!

My baked books... ..Baking bible and 500 cupcakes and muffins frm my dear colleagues...see that front pic of the cupcakes book...that how my cupcakes supposed to turn out!!! argh.....of cos reality is far from fantasy....haha I will try my darn best to improve on it...

Baking tins, measurement cups, rolling pins of course..mixing bowls...

Other side of the drawer.....I have digital scale! hee hee digged it out from the recess of my kitchen drawers while I was cleaning up the kitchen....hee hee decide to appropriate that for my own it in my Baking Drawer! ha ha

Another Drawer...that where all my disposable stuffs are in....paper bags, rubber bands..cups, cupcakes, muffins cases etc..

Another side of the same drawer....baking ingredients..chocolates (Lindt, Hersheys, Dars, Varlhona..) of course there are also flours, sugar etc...biscuits cutters and its lotsa lotsa of its..although You can't see it..hee hee....rolling pins..BTW that Qoo bag..that a drink pack from Japan..hee hee...I love Qoo drinks..cos I love that cute me y I love that monster..haha

The upper top of the chest drawer..filled with all kinds of tibits and emergency food whereby parents are not around and we are left to fend for ourselves..
Spend one whole night and morning cum afternoon the next day to clean up the mess in the kitchen...changing some furnitures in the kitchen and clearing my chest drawer...
But i am so satisfied...hee hee with the state of cleanliness that I have create....that I am so proud of myself..woo hoo

Bear with me..another post... ..

I went Malaysia..or rather JB during last Friday....with who else but my loveable and cute colleagues.
Hee hee...we have a whale of time...1st all...we go for yummy yoghurt..all time favourite of Wendy...
Next up...some little bit of shopping to get our legs going....but wanling the only one with spoils..the rest of us were too restless to get anything..
Bought tickets to watch a Thai horror flick...and it cots onli RM 10 bucks! haha that half the price in SG!! Popcorn was darned cheap too..hee hee...
We went Giant to do some grocery shopping..hee hee that my fav pastime and Charlene too..that sweet gal bought diapers and milk powder for her baby brother's baby..heehee
Me ... of cos snacks! hee hee though I was nursing a flu.. ....and of cos everything tastes like paper to me.. ...i still enjoy all my snacks :)
The highlight of going tamah Sentosa.. eat SEAFOOD

Pics to show wat we have .. ...

My blur ticket stub...wasn't sure what the name of the horror flick ... but it about a drum that is being guarded by a guardian spirit.. ..
Not the car....but the little cat beside was so skinny...that I decide to take a photo of it :) our cats in SG are so well-fed in comparison .. ..

The whole lot of us.. ...Look at how tired I am :(

Chilli crab...can't tell you wat it tastes like though...

Egg...well its fluffy... ..ha ha

Clams!! in Sambal..haha if its hot..not sure

Drunken Prawns....nice tasting broth according to the rest..but to me..tastes like well..water..haha

Prawn Paste Chicken......

Fish! ... ..I love this type of presentation...cos the fish has to be reallie fresh to be eaten such way :)

Fried Mantous...for the chilli comes at the begining...haha which leaves us baffled cos well..can't xpect us to eat that first rite..
We still have a fried kangkong (vegs) that I didn't take photo of ...hee hee cos when its comes..we were too busy digging it for me to remember to take photoz!!
The whole dinner comes up to RM 168..which translates to roughly about SG $15...I would not say it really worth it to go JB just to have cheap seafood..but still fun to go hang out with friends especially with wacky ones like those that I hang out with! :)
I miss ya guys!!

Another post...

I finally quit...heehee after so much hesitations and considerations...take up the courage to quit..but of course with the security of a new job first.
Will be starting my new job next week.....essentially dealing with the same group of patients but different spectrums and different environment. Hopefully I love my new job :)
Initally was thinking that parting will be bittersweet and I propably cry, but I didn't. I guess that because I was sick ...and was on MC for the last 2 days of my last week. And the last day that I went back, I ended up clearing my stuff till 5pm in the evening and didn't even manage to finish my clearance! Had to went back another day to do clearance and handover.
I love my ex-colleagues and will miss them loads when I at my new workplace, but hopefully we keep in touch and remain good friends. On my last day, they bought me to Ichiban boshi for lunch and it was delightful even though I could not taste what I was eating :(
My sweet colleagues gave me two new spanking cooking books and a cake leavener!
Ha ha, I guess they really know me well and I spend lotsa lotsa time juz checking out the pics!
Of course, me being me...left them lotsa goodies..though not make by me....hee hee afraid they starve to death without me leh....
Okie....a few posts to upload...will do it sequentially and keep it short..hee hee
I went to FF's Members party and the theme was 60s! Goodness, 80s not a problem..but 60s..hey that way before I was born!! hee hee...did some research with agnes and I realise that 60s is the start of the hippies lovechild era - the era of free love, freedom and drug...and on the other end..the start of mod fashion and the born of anorexictrend - twiggie...
Had a blast of time..and we were all so co-ordinated. A lovely surprise awaits us when me and lily reached Agnes's house, turns out the we three gals ended having the almost the same outfits..we know we were going as a-go-go gals but little did we realise we even manage to coordinate the colors! hee hee...for the Aquaz gang, little surprise to know that they are even better organzied...they turned up as ma jies with two xiao jie in tow..hee hee
The guys even smarter, one turns up as Rickshaw man which ensures that he does not have to do anything to himself except dress down...and really dress down. The other even smarter, turns up as himself...haha malay kumpung boy!
Pics for u guys to see and enjoy...

The Whole Ma Jies Gang with their charges and one rickshaw Man!

Eh Rickshaw man n Malay Kumpung boy...dun ask me what they are doing..pic speaks for itself..

Ma jies showing how strong they are from all the houseworks they have did!

A-go-go Gals acting pretty and doing a 60s Pole dance or their version of it ... .hee

The Whole gang

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Juz went to Ah seng's blog ( to kaypoh kaypoh and realise that smart boy actually took photoz of the Annalakshmi resturant that we went to.
So decide to steal his photoz and do a simple blog about the charity resturant
Annalakshmi is a indian resturant that is charity based. All the money that went to payment of the bills are used to endorse and fund some of the programes that the resturant is helping. It vegetarian based and located at Chinatown point.
interesting point to note is that you can pay any amount you are comfortable with but of course seem like the minmum is at least $10.
For more details, take a look at Ah seng's blog. I had almost the same thing as him. While not exactly unpleasant, it does not pack such a wow factor that I intend to come back anytime soon.

Oh no...can't seem to update the photoz...silly blogspot always giving me headache :(

realize that a blog is very dry and plain without some photoz to jazz it up!
will try to ensure that photoz accompany most posts..but since I have this tendency to avoid the camera or forget about taking pictures in the midst of excitment..will have to pardon me for all the photoless posts..

A recap of what I have been up to..
1. Bring Charlene and Wendy to Aquaz claz at Capital tower
2. successfully dragged myself to attackz on tuesday :)
3. went settlers cafe
4. Play Majong throughout the night!!

This week bought Wendy and Charlene to Rodney's body attackz claz...haha they are full of admiration for him when I told them that he can take up to 4 clazs in a day! Think he looks good and boyish and is full of charisma...they think he funny...
I was like eh!! haha but I guess that coz once you know someone, the magic sorta rub off (akin to like not waiting to know your idol because then they become normal n no longer extraordinary!) but looking through their perspective..I realise Rodney reallie attractive..nt becos of his look but becoz of his style n personality which really shown through when he teaches a claz. This ... I guess ...makes me feel privileged to be his frenz and of course..a teeny weeny proud that I one of the few he calls as frenz :) Cocky? not really..juz idol stricken..hee

Have been really busy catching up with friends, going out with colleagues etc before the commencement of my new job. Have also been busy trying to catch hold of people to go on a short trip with me but alas unsuccessfully. What I got was..a commitment to too many trips for the end of the year! ha ha

So far..let see..i commit myself to
1. Korean Trip in Oct( which is highly impossible!!)
2. Vietnam Trip begining of next year (now this is one that I defintely tries to go!)
3. Melbourne with old frenz Dappy in Dec ( will try to see whether can take leave by then since my probation is 6 months!)

Okie hopefully out of 3 trips..I will be able to make it for at least one...

Now on the list of to do...
1. Badminton session again!
2. Pigging out session and sourcing for 60s clothes this Friday!
3. Member's party at FF
4. A few more bakes (had only managed to do chocolate macarons with ganduja filling..which my colleagues managed to finish up everything I bought! :) )
5. 1 day Malaysia Trip
6. Signing of Letter of Offer and going for my medical check up (need to call and make appt)
7. Co-organising a get together with the gym kaki at Agnes's house for a night of fun and taboo...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Me and Agnes were chitchatting about how we all react differently at different stages...The teenage years are propably the stage where we filled with insecurities about our look, figure etc yet at the same time trying desperately to show the world, a cool confident and heck care attitude. In the 20s, that where we are still very much young and brash, but with a womanly sense of self-awareness that makes us so attractive to the opposite sex. Now 30s is the stage whereby 2 different types of woman might emerge. The first type is those who are armed with even more self-awareness about their prowess and attraction that a mature, full of self confidence woman has and is not afraid to make her views and opinions know. She assertive without being rude, polite without being a pushover and secured in her own knowledge that she can stand up to the world and face herself in the mirror being 80% happy with herself most of the time. The other type of woman might be filled with even more self doubts than she has during her teens. She might feel that she has not achieved anything worthwhile in her life and has reduced her life to a microscopic dot whereby she obessessed over every little innocous thing that happens in her life. Small details that might appear insignificant to others take on paramount importance in their life and they have tunnel visions whereby they are fixated with the details and unable to de-tangle themselves from the perspective they are in to look at it in a broader view.
Are women so easily segregated into 2 different profiles. Of course not!!! We are complex, wonderful and perplexing humans that are full of nuances and delights..hee hee.. I believe in every woman lurks a secured attractive one and a insecure full of doubts one. We just have to decide for ourselves which one do we want to present to the world.

For me, I want to be beautiful, confident and secured. How about you :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007 my precious vanilla beans/pods! hee hee..been waiting for it for a long time...has been in Gary's possession for quite a while until I finally get the chance to retrieve it from him..
One pod is selling at USD $1 and he manage to secure 8 for me :)
Decide to make something with the vanilla pod and check out the pic to to see what I use it for! :)

So..let see.. I have butter, cranberries, walnut and of course the star of the event, Vanilla!
The bottle of vanilla pods. The vanilla pods came packaged in a glass bottle and double sealed for protection. Once I open up the seal..the smell of vanilla pentrates straight into my bloodstream! hee hee...overexaggerate...but it does really smell great. Gary was telling me he will be getting Tahti Vanilla beans but turns out to be Madagascar beans! so basically what the difference other than the obvious different locations that the beans are manfactured from? Well...Tahti has a more floral smell and tend to waft over once it comes into contact with heat..makes it a good property for perfumes but not for baking which render the aroma almost non-existent as it is not high heat resistance. As for Madgascar, it tends to be more well liked by bakers and chefs as the aroma are retained even after cooking.
I make...Vanilla butter cookies with walnut and cranberries! hee hee....Can't see the black specks of vanilla seeds..but it does make the cookies look real pretty
After dusting with icing sugar and putting the cookies into a nice bottle. :)

Tasted my own cookies - 1st without icing sugar dusted on it..could smell the vanilla but taste wise..not really...but a bit bland as I only use 30 grams of icing sugar in the recipe
2nd cookie with icing sugar, taste better! ha ha but could not see the pretty specks of vanilla seeds :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

JC pals.....
With blushing bride and happy groom
Sec School Friends and Teacher

Juz thought i post up some photoz that I promised to but never get round to....hee hee

Received a call from HR today and they offered me an additional $100 on top on what was offered on Monday. I say yes immediately....a cheap buy is what I am! ha ha..but nevertheless, I want this job because of the challenges it posed and the fact that since it a newly created post with no predecessor, I free to set my parameters and work processes.

Will be a steep learning curve as mentioned by the docs, but bring it on! I ready! ha ha

Niu niu's urine seems to be clearing....negative for blood when tested tonight. Doing our best, feeding her fruits everyday, monitoring her urine output and testing it regularly, buying her cranberry juice etc. hopefully all these work out and we save her the truma of going through surgery. Poor gal still going for ultrascan though which will take her an hour! hopefully she won't be frighten by it.